Beyond the impressive aesthetic and visual impact, our MOTORIZED WINDOW TREATMENTS make your home SMART and ENERGY-EFFICIENT.

Using top of the line Somfy motorization system, we offer a large selection of electric window treatments that will give you the following benefits:

  • EFFECTIVE ENERGY CONSERVATION: Aside from adding a level of insulation that can help maintain or reduce heat for temperature stability, motorized window treatments can help you secure up to 30% on ENERGY SAVINGS!
  • EFFORTLESS CONTROL: No more tangling and knotting! Easily control light and privacy with just the TOUCH OF A BUTTON.
  • SAFETY: No dangling cords or strings for CHILDREN and PET SAFETY.
  • MODERN ELEGANCE: Immediately upgrades the look of your home, fitting any style and decoration to provide you with INNOVATIVE STYLE and SOPHISTICATION.

Motorized window treatments are no longer just an extravagance, it has developed a standard with all the benefits it offers and its unbeatable ease of operation.