06. February 2019
Your Valentine has always wanted shutters in her windows. Why not spoil her on her special day!? Let us help you be her knight in shining armor! #PlantationShutters #love
02. April 2018
Exquisite. Craftsmanship. Classic. These are just a few of the words that homeowners use to describe their shutters. And all of the words are correct. However, one word that is often forgotten is...timeless. Shutters never go out of style. They are just as beautiful, just as popular, just as desired as they were 50 years ago. Order yours today. You’ll be happy you did!
24. March 2018
When you need that extra spark to engage your creative side, try cell shades in your home office or studio. Cell shades allow ambient light while still giving you coveted privacy. They are timeless, classy, soft, and easy to use. They fit a variety of styles and decor. Purchase today to become the envy of all your friends and family; and unleash the creative you!
23. January 2018
This year make Valentine’s Day more than just chocolate and flowers. Let us help you put a ring on it! She has always wanted shutters in her home. We all know she ooh’s and aah’s about them every time she sees them on a display or freshly installed in a neighbor’s home (your special lady isn’t the only one who ooh’s and aah’s...we all are!). We can help you give her what she’s always wanted! We’re offering special pricing. Order now to have your plantation shutters installed...
23. January 2018
Does your significant other love flowers for Valentine’s Day? Have you bought her roses, lilies, hydrangea, carnations, orchids and any other flower you could find at the florist? Why not try a different kind of flower...a floral pattern on new shades or draperies for her? You’ll be a bigger hero than you can even imagine! Contact us for special Valentine’s Day pricing.
18. January 2018
Are you tired of Vertical Blinds? Are you looking for a solution that won’t break your bank account, but looks modern and fresh? Try our vertical solution...Panel Tracks. Panel Tracks come in a variety of colors and fabric choices. They are economical, yet extremely functional. Panel Tracks...your vertical solution!